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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Very good

    Apollo Traveller is an excellent product for people in the business.

    I need power banks to charge my two iPhones during work because I am always outside and I don't want to miss the call from clients. That's why I have two power banks taking turns now, 10000mAh and 5000mAh, but they always take the whole night to recharge, which is a problem for me because sometimes I forget to charge them and I will be super anxious in the next day.

    That's why Apollo Traveller became my third power bank. I am attracted to its super-fast recharging speed. Just like the ads claim, with a 60W charging adapter, it only takes 18 minutes to get fully recharged. It doesn't matter if I forget to charge Apollo Traveller at night. I can charge it when I am preparing for work before I go out.

    The feature of dual output helps me fully charge my two iPhones at the same time (Yes, I bought a USB C to Lightning cable from Apple). Even though 5000mAh is not a huge capacity, it can cover my whole day need. The size and weight are just like an iPhone X. It's easy to carry and it is allowed to bring on the airplane. For a businessman like me, Apollo Traveller is a helpful companion for business trips.

    ELECJET is a new brand to me. I am still not sure the lifespan of Apollo Traveller, but I don't think I need to worry about it because they provide 18 months warranty. To sum up, I will recommend this power bank to you if you are a heavy user of power bank just like me.

    Works well with my iphone x

    it works as advertised, highly recommend for everyone.

    Great product

    Great product ..Certainly charges quick with the USB- C which is not supplied .SAD :( Should have a larger capacity ..I would have taken a few more had this been a larger capacity ..Bottom line NICE PRODUCT

    Great product for everyone

    Everyone should have one as backup power for their smartphones. It's compact and light-weight and easy to carry without any stress. You all should buy one before it's been sold-out.