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Logistics Information

Logistics Information


Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the transportation industry, the channels sent to some countries have been cancelled, and the channels that can be shipped have been delayed greatly.

Thank you for your understanding!


Q: What is the standard delivery time?

-Stock Order: 1-3 working  days after receipt of the full payment

-Massive Order: 12-20 days after receipt of the deposit. 


Q: Will I get a push mail regarding the shipping detail after placing an order?


Yes, an automatic push mail will be sent out as long as we dispatch your order, however, sometime the mail service is not so stable, it leads to customers can't receive the mail normally. We suggest you find us for further shipping information through online live chat or mail us through


Q:How long will my package arrived ?   

There are two types of product.

  • A package with a power bank:

USA: 9~15 days

UK: 9~15 days

JP: 7~15 days

AU: 9~15 days

CA: 9~16 days (Canada Post has occasional worker strikes, which may cause delays.)

RU: 24~39 days

DE: 9~15 days

NL: 9~15 days

AT: 9~15 days

BE: 9~15 days

CZ: 9~17 days

HU: 9~17 days

SI: 9~17 days

SK: 9~17 days

LU: 9~17 days

LT: 9~17 days

FR: 9~17 days

PL: 9~17 days

DK: 9~17 days

IT: 9~17 days

EE: 9~17 days

SE: 9~17 days

FI: 9~17 days

LV: 9~17 days

ES: 9~17 days

IE: 9~17 days

HR: 9~17 days

KR: 7~14 days

SG: 7~14 days

MY: 7~14 days

  • A package without power bank:

Needs 1~3 weeks in transit normally.



  • Step 1

Enter web site:

  • Step 2

Click the "Carrier"→“Other Carrier”→"China E-Commerce Carrier"→“4PX”

*If you received a WEL*** tracking number, please choose Carrier as "WEL"


Q: How do I return the product?

If there is any quality issue, please send the related image or video to Our colleague will verify and determine to send a replacement.