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    How To Track Your Parcel?
    • Step 1

    Enter web site: http://www.17track.net/en

    • Step 2

    Click the "Carrier"→“Other Carrier”→"China E-Commerce Carrier"→“4PX”


    Q: What is the standard delivery time?

    -Stock Order: 1-2 working  days after receipt of the full payment
    -Massive Order: 12-20 days after receipt of the deposit.


    Q: Will I get a push mail regarding the shipping detail after placing an order?

    Yes, an automatic push mail will be sent out as long as we dispatch your order, however, sometime the mail service is not so stable, it leads to customers can't receive the mail normally. We suggest you find us for further shipping information through online live chat or mail us through support@elecjet.com.


    Q: How do I return the product?

    If there is any quality issue, please send the related image or video to support@elecjet.com. Our colleague will verify and determine to send a replacement.


    Q:How long will my package arrived ?       

    Please check the table below for the shipping time of different countries for reference. 

    Japan : 7-10 days
    Finland : 10-15 days
    America : 8-15 days
    (Depend on different region of American) 
    Canada : 8-10 days
    Australia : 10-15 days
    Germany : 8-10 days
    Italy : 7-10 days
    Britain : 8-10 days
    Singapore : 12-18 days
    Hong Kong : 7-10 days
    Taiwan : 7-10 days
    Spain : 12-15 days
    France : 10-15 days
    Korea : 7-10 days
    Netherlands : 12-15 days