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ELECJET AnyWatt MS User Guide

ELECJET AnyWatt MS User Guide


Question: Why is MagSafe 1 60W/85W Adapter ( including the power supply of Thunderbolt &Cinema Display) only charging at 45W for MacBook Pro 13"&15"? 

Answer: In MagSafe 1 Adapter specification, it is 16.5V-18.5V/4.6A. However, the MacBook Pro require the 20V option. Referring to the USB C PD standard,  when using the combination of 60W/85W MagSafe 1 Adapter to MacBook Pro. It will output 15/3A 45W to charge the MacBook Pro.


Question: Why the 45W MagSafe 1 (L Sharp) or MagSafe 2 (T Sharp) is unable to charge the MacBook Pro 13” and MacBook Pro 15”?

Answer: The 45W charger output after connecting via AnyWatt, due to the power requirements of MacBook Pro (60W&87W) will go into protected mode (not output) as the power draw far exceeds its output.


Question:Why the 45W MagSafe 2 (T Sharp) can charge the New MacBook 12” and not the MagSafe 1(L Sharp)?

Answer: This is because the MagSafe 1 (L Sharp) maximum voltage is capped at 14.5V and when connected to the AnyWatt it will lose some of  this voltage and the power draw from the MacBook is higher than the output.  The MagSafe 1 will then go into protected mode.

The MagSafe 2 (T sharp) has a output of 14.8V which is enough after connecting to AnyWatt to charge the MacBook 12


Question: How to enable 85W MagSafe 2 (T Sharp) to charge at 60W?

Answer: The MagSafe 2 85W adapter can output at 20V or 18.5V randomly when it is connected AnyWatt.  If it is output has been selected at 18.5V it will only charge at 15/3A (45W).  To enable the 60W charging please reconnect the USB C end of AnyWatt and replug it to the MacBook. 

To check if it is 60W, Please following the instructions below: