Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger - ELECJET
Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger

Apollo Max 10000mAh/100W Powerbank (Limited Edition )+100W PD GaN Charger

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Quick Recharges in Just 19 Minutes, Unlike other power banks that can take up to 5 hours to recharge, Apollo Max uses a 100W USB-C PD input to fully recharge within 19 minutes. This ultra-fast “charge-and-go” feature gives you peace of mind and frees you from the anxiety that running out of power can cause.

10,000 mAh Capacity for All Day Power 10,000 mAh is the most popular capacity for portable power banks. This will generally give you a couple of days’ worth of smartphone charges and normally cover your all-day usage for a few devices.

60W USB-C Power Delivery Apollo Max has a 60W USB-C Power Delivery output to quickly charge your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, and any number of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices that use the popular USB-C port.

18W USB-A Quick Charge Apollo Max also supports up to 18W of Quick Charge 3.0 capability through its USB-A port for devices such as iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, Kindle, GoPro, you name it!

First to Support PPS for Note10 & Note10+ By supporting PPS, an exclusive fast charging protocol for Samsung, Apollo Max is the world’s first power bank to realize Fast Charging capability for Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.



Capacity: 10000mAh  Li -Battery 

Size: 6.14"X2.99"X0.94" (156mmX76mmX24mm)

Weight: 12oz/340g



5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A 15V/3A, 20V/5A @100W Max 



5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A @60W Max


5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (PPS) : 4.4-12V/5A

Case Materials: ABS + PC 

Working Temperature Range: 0°C — 85°C 

Working Humidity Range: Less than 75% RH 


1* Apollo Max 10000mAh + 1* 100W PD GaN Charger +1* USB-C to USB-C Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great product but never received 100w Gan charger

So far I have bought 1 unit apollo traveler and 3 units apollo max, I received only 2 units of apollo Gan charger. I am very impressed by the powerbank performance. But I'm disappointed that I didn't receive 2 units of Gan Charger.

Fantastic performance

I'm very happy with this battery. It recharges up unbelievablely fast. Compatible with my HP spectre Laptop, IPad pro, galaxy note 10+ and galaxy s21.

Best overall

i have been using the apollo max battery for several weeks and can tell you that it is the fastest charging battery in the world! 19 minutes to recharge a 10,000 mah battery !! and you have a 60 watt usb type C output so you can use or recharge your laptop battery and quickly charge your iPhone as well as your latest Samsung thanks to PPS support up to 45 watt! as is the case with my note 10+ and there is a usb A input capable of delivering 18 watt in Quick charge 3, what more can we say there is a digital display and the design is splendid, one last remark will be necessary empty the battery during your first use and then recharge it up to 100% the first time so that it can take its origins, do not worry during the 1st use if the battery turns off when it displayed 30 % this is normal, just charge it fully and everything will work as it should

Pretty fast charger

Power charger is fast, although after charging my phone once the powerbank ends up with about 20% remaining. In terms of shipping that process was a very long and hectic one, one of my worst shipping experiences I ever had it took about a month to get to me.

Apollo Max In Depth Review

First off, I am making this review for a couple of reasons. 1 to go over the product specifically in depth & 2 to explain the shipping process as it can be a little confusing. So, I am going to be as detailed as possible going forward thus this will be long. I'm gonna CAP each start area so in case you are just looking for review or shipping it can be easy to find. PRODUCT REVIEW, The product itself is amazing! It does exactly what it says for the most part. Take this will a little grain of salt as this was almost a year ago & some things have changed since then. If you follow YouTube Tech channels then you probably heard of Unbox Therapy but for those who haven't he's a pretty big channel & reviewed their prototype about a year ago. Here is the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/apollo-max-the-power-bank-recharges-in-19-mins#/. This link explains the device much better as it has pictures, videos & specs of what it does. Like going from 19 minutes in the link to 21 minutes with only 3 pics on the website isn't much detail about the product. 2min difference here is not a big deal but I did want to put it out there. Now I did a few tests charging the Apollo Max from 0% to 100%. The fastest time it took to charge back to 100% was 21mins 57sec 0ms while the slowest was 22mins 26sec 01ms. Can't complain with those results, right on the mark with what they are saying. If you used power banks before & waited hours for it to charge back to 100% this is gonna be a game changer for you. 10,000 mAh between 19 to 22mins is simply ridiculous times & nothing ever seen before. Also cool is you can charge a device via USB-A while simultaneously charging your Apollo Max. This product would ideally be for someone who is on the go & needs to charge their devices often & has access to power outlets to recharge your Apollo Max. Taking this, say camping or places without a way to recharge is not gonna be its ideal use. 10mAh may not be enough just an FYI. Some quick phone charge times; 1st for all these tests I was using my Samsung S10+. USB-A to USB-C my S10+ went from 10% to 85% in 1hr & the Apollo Max went from 100% to 51%. Took 1hr 33mins to fully charge & the Apollo Max went down to 43%. A side note, my battery size is 4100mAh. Also, not much change from using USB-C to USB-C PD (Power Delivery) as my phone doesn't benefit from that feature. If using the new S20s or S20 Notes I think the USB-C to USB-C would give better results. SHIPPING, everything was fine, got my order number & a link with all the typical info after buying something online. I enabled text notifications & some days later got my Fedex tracking id. But that's where it went downhill. The Fedex number looked weird, nothing I've ever seen before from Fedex. Did some digging & after contacting Elecjet they sent me this tracking website link http://www.17track.net/en & told me to copy N paste my tracking # there. Now if you search around on google this tracking service has a pretty bad Rep & it is known for scams. However, I will say it does end well or at least for me. So about that text notifications, got 1 when it shipped if I remember correctly. Area code was from California while that tracking site (17track) was not something a US seller would use. Not convincing, as most of the shipping info on that site was in Chinese. Maybe it was originally shipped from China to CA or they have a HQ or location in CA, don't really know to be honest. The interesting part is that when the package did arrive I was completely surprised as u can imagine. The return label was from CA, not China & had USPS tracking info. So, again don't know why it generated Fedex instead of USPS & back to the 17track it didn't update that the item was delivered until like a day later, say 12hours or so. My Advice if you buy from them keep really close tabs on shipping & contact Elecjet if you have any questions or if something seems off. Hope this review helped or should I say essay.