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JetSafe, The Key to the Safety of Fast Charging Power Banks

Why do we need a fast charging power bank?

Smartphone is one of the most important devices in our life. With more time we use our smartphones, the power consumption has increased considerably as well. A portable battery pack, a.k.a power bank, allows us to charge our phones everywhere. However, once the power bank run out of power, we usually have to take hours to charge it with our mobile charger. JetSafe(TM), the exclusive technology invented by ELECJET, is able to let power banks charge faster in a safe way.

How batteries work while charging?

To understand the benefits of JetSafe(TM), we need to know how batteries work while charging. The battery voltage of a power bank is usually ranged between 3V (empty) to 4.2V (fully charged). If we use a traditional 5W mobile charger (5V/1A) to charge our power bank, some of the energy was lost in the conversion and were released as heat:

5V input → passing through circuit → charging batteries at 3.7V + HEAT

Based on the theory of physics:

P (Power) = V (Voltage) * I (Current)

We can either charge the power bank with higher voltage output to charge faster by using a 18W fast charger (9V/2A) or a 60W laptop charger (20V/3A). However, when we use higher voltage to charge our power bank, lots of the energy was lost in the conversion and released as heat.

Nowadays circuits board inside the power bank requires much many sets of series connection to increase the battery power voltage, improve conversion efficiency, and trying to maintain circuit boards at lower temperature to prevent overheating problem.

How bad does my power bank gets warm while charging?

If the charging efficiency is about 85%, when we push charging at 30W ~ 60W, heat would be generated around 4.5W - 9W:

30W * (1-0.85) = 4.5W

60W * (1-0.85) = 9W

Heat accumulation could lead to circuit board being overheated and continued to reduce charging efficiency, forming a negative feedback loop. In the end, we still can't save time effectively while charging the power bank.

How can I charge my power bank effectively to save more time?

Our exclusive technology, JetSafe(TM), can be achieved by either single unit or parallel connections to prevent circuit board being overheated and elevated charging efficiency up to 96% when charging at 60W.

That means the heat will be decreased:

30W * (1-0.96) = 1.2W

60W * (1-0.96) = 2.4W

Power banks with JetSafe(TM) technology now can be full charged with less time.

How does JetSafe(TM) saves my time and money?

In case you were wondering what’s the advantage achieving same charging result with single battery cell or parallel connection in contrast to serial connection.

  • Safety is the key

If we were to charge a battery pack consisted of 3 modules of serial connection, there’s still bound to be a difference between each battery capacity, resistance and voltage.

If batteries is being viewed as 3 water bottles, there will be difference between each individual volumes; if we were to filled them at same rate and and time, there will be at least 1 water bottle being unavoidably overfilled and ended up leaking. (Battery overcharged)

Unless we were to insert a pressure balance regulator to balance out the voltage and current to maintain stabilized State or Charge (SOC). This can be seen often in laptop or other higher grade expensive electronics which also comes in more space, but none in power bank due to budget restriction & space limitation.

Due to such limitation mentioned above, overcharging serial modules battery sometimes can be dangerous as batteries exploration could happened when it is being overheated and over expanded with excessive over-charging.

However, if we were to choose a single uni battery with higher power capacity, such dangerous scenario can be prevented & avoided.

  • Discharge at high volume.

As times goes by with continued usage, each of the 3 serial battery modules will have even greater difference with their power volume, resistance and voltages. Charging could automatically ceased when bottle A was being filled up, or stop discharging energy when bottle B reached critical volume.

JetSafe technology guaranteed 20% more energy efficient comparing to traditional power bank made up with serial connection modules.

  • Prolong LifeSpan

After several repeated discharging cycle, the lifespan of a 2 pack serial connection battery modules would ended up with only 10% of its original lifespan; whereas the lifespan of a 3 pack serial connection battery modules would ended up with 20% of its original lifespan.

The rapidly shortening of the battery lifespan can be further divided into 2 reasons; 1. Serial connection unavoidably overcharged one or two batteries; 2. Internal resistance is greatly increased with serial battery modules but decreased with parallel battery modules. If a single battery has internal resistance of 10 milliohm  (mΩ), a serial connections of 3 battery modules would increased its resistance to 30 milliohm (mΩ), whereas 3 parallel battery modules would ended up with resistance of only 3 milliohm (mΩ).

By minimizing internal resistance, JetSafewas able to greatly reduce the energy generated, released and wasted as heat, improving discharging efficiency with maximum continuous discharging current, at same time prolong the power bank lifespan. 

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