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ELECJET Exclusive JetSafe Technology

The Background of Charging Technology and Knowledge

What is conversion efficiency?

In the field of charging, the conversion rate usually refers to the charge conversion efficiency rate and discharge conversion rate.

Charge Conversion Efficiency Rate

The same method ignores the wire loss and other related conditions. Part of the energy will be charged into the battery core, and part of the energy will be emitted as heat. If the total power Ptotal is 100W, the battery energy Pcell entered is 90Wh, and the heat Pheat will be 10Wh.

Then charge conversion rate = Pcell/Ptotal = 85%

Discharge Conversion Efficiency Rate

In this case of ignoring the loss of the wire and the charging terminal equipment, part of the energy will be charged into the terminal equipment, and part of the energy will be emitted as heat. Let’s suppose the energy Pdevice of the device is 85Wh, and the heat Pheat is 15Wh.

Then discharge conversion rate = Pdevice / Pcell = 85%

How JetSafe™ Core Technology is Composed

The core of JetSafe Technology is self-developed through the fast charge management core algorithm and exclusive power chip E3025A. It combines the exclusive custom PJetS03 buck-boost chip, which greatly improves the charging and discharging conversion efficiency by 95%. While the industry average is 85%, JetSafe is leading the industry by 10%.

Application of JetSafe™ Technology in EJECJET Product Line

Apollo Series

In order to achieve 18 minutes of full charge, Apollo uses a combination of JetSafe technology and graphene composite technology (reference) at a high-speed input of 60W. Assuming the traditional conversion rate, the heat is 60W*85% = 9W, and with JetSafe technology, the heat generation is 60*95% = 3W, which is in line with the thermal safety law.

PowerPie Series

In addition, PowerPie also benefits from JetSafe technology. Under normal conditions of 45W, it usually takes 3 hours to fully charge 20000 mAhm. With JetSafe technology, PowerPie shortens the time to 2.5 hours. Furthermore, due to the discharge conversion rate, the same capacity can charge the device with more power. The following is the comparison date between PowerPie and its competitors.

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