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ELECJET APOLLO PROJECT : World's First Graphene Battery USB C PD Power Bank

It has been a year since we rolled out Project Apollo, it marks our one year anniversary. We are so humble and thankful to everyone’s support, together we have accomplished the very first Graphene battery pack power bank in human history.

History and originality of project Apollo

Development of our project had not been a buttery smooth experience, but rather a rocky hilly tough hike. 80% of our staff at ELECJET  are engineers, previously worked and developed production innovation at Huawxx DJx, Ankxx,

To be honest, we have already obtained the very first graphene composite electric core in 2013. We tried pitching our graphene electric solution to all the well known brands out there, but no one was interested in our graphene battery solution. Most of the well known brands out there, does not wish to contribute nor invest in time consuming cost burning innovation technology, but rather than purchase ODM from factory and promote it as their own brand.

We are proud to say Team ELECJET has been working hard to innovate within battery power solution for 12 years. The time has called out for us to create and develop our own brand, Apollo. ELECJET, is a compound word from Electricity, ELEC and JET from jet engine style fast charging; the middle word C also represent USB type C and all our product are focus and specialised in USB type C power bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why doesn’t my charger supports Apollo?

First of all, please make sure your charger fully supports USB Power Delivery . (What is USB Power Delivery a.k.a. USB PD) ?

Why does my equipment supports USB PD but not Apollo?

USB C PD charging circuit can be differentiate into two components, first part is power components, and the second part is the USB PD chip. After further testing we have came out with 3 possibilities...

  1. The chip of your charger does not abide by USB PD, some of the third party manufacturing tend to use less popular circuit in order to cut cost.
  2. For example Apple uses Cypress semiconductor, even though all suppliers are bonded to an USB PD buy due to semiconductor has major advantage and often (always) included additional  subsidiary regulation and agreement for third party USB PD chargers to match their requirements which often leads to further incompatibility.
  3. There are also known issues regarding incompatibility occurred upgrading from USB PD2.0 to PD3.0.

To provide our customer with maximum compatibility and improve our user experience, Apollo uses Cypress chip, the very same USB PD chips as Apple and their official suppliers. We are proud to say Apollo fully support Apple charger (30W - 87W)

At the same time we have also gone further testing with popular known brands and we are happy to say we fully compatible with brands listed below;

  • Apple

  • Lenovo (V400 is known has a compatibility bug, but Apollo is fully compatible with V500)

  • Dell

  • HP

  • Switch

  • and our own ELECJET 60W adapter

For the reasons listed above, we cannot guaranteed full compatibility all third parties charger.

Apollo is fully compatible with all USB C PD output, should you have any concern please check with the table we created below with all known mobile device we know abide to USB C PD.

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comments ( 4 )

Frank Czajka
Feb 23, 2021

Is your product utilizable in the United States? Is the charger able to be directly plugged into standard US electrical outlet or would one need an adapter?

Abdelfattah Shakhshir
Feb 23, 2021

Does it support OnePlus 7 Pro 30W Warp Charge?

Feb 23, 2021

Do you use certified grapene?

Tim Thomas
Feb 23, 2021

Will your charger that is currently on Kickstarter work on the iPhone 10max? Thank you.

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