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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, 2019

Starts: Nov. 29, 2019
Ends: Dec. 2, 2019


Find a product that you want to purchase. Click on the picture and go to the product page.


Select package, confirm quantity and click ADD TO CART.


Find a product that labeled with "GET THIS FREE" and add it to your cart.


Go to the shopping cart, confirm your order and proceed to CHECK OUT.


To get the maximum discounts, you must purchase at least two products. The lowest price of the "Get-One-Free" product in your order will be FREE.

For example:

  1. If you purchase 1x Apollo Traveller + 1x AnyWatt MS, the AnyWatt MS will be FREE.
  2. If you purchase 2x AnyWatt MS, one of the AnyWatt MS will be FREE.
  3. If you purchase 2x MagJet S + 1x 60W charger, one of the MagJet S will be FREE. If you add one more MagJet S (total 4 items), you will get two MagJet S for FREE when you complete this order.
  4. If you purchase 1x Apollo Traveller + 1x MagThunderX, none of them will be FREE because neither of them is labeled as "GET THIS FREE" product. To get the discounts, you need to add two more "GET THIS FREE" items into your cart. (4 items in total) These additional two items will be FREE.


    Complete the order and wait for the shipment :)

    Have a good day!

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