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Apollo Traveller, the Ultra Fast Recharging Graphene Power Bank is Coming!


What is Apollo Traveller?

Is it hard to imagine life without smartphones, that’s why people suffer from 'low battery phobia'.
So people need to bring a big power banks which are slow speed to recharge.
With Apollo Traveller, the ultra-slim graphene power bank with an impressive recharging speed of 18 minutes, allows you to refill your power source anywhere and anytime.


How Fast is Apollo Traveller?

Thanks to Power Delivery Input (60W) and Super Low internal Resistance Graphene Composite Battery, the time for a full recharge takes as little as 18 mins, which is 13x faster than others! How fast is that? Just 10 minutes charging for Apollo Traveller, can support fully charge your iPhone X! 


Slim and Portable Design


The unlimited power that always has juicy for your devices. Its pocket-sized can fit anywhere!

The size: 145 * 72 * 12 mm 

Ground-breaking Technology

Apollo Traveller houses core technologies which are all unique, owned and patent by ELECJET.


Be Part of Green Revolution

Long-lasting Durability: Comparing with a regular battery cell which only has 300~500 charging cycles, Apollo Traveller’s Graphene Composite Battery can sustain up at 1,000 charging cycles (normal speed), and 1,500 charging cycles (fast charging).  An eco-friendly solution that saves your money!


No Chance of Overheating

With the exclusive JetSafe technology, Apollo Traveller dissipates heat for an extra 10% compared to other power banks.

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Best Travel Companion


Apollo Traveller with any charger that is compatible for Power Delivery, such as laptop chargers, car chargers, even Nintendo Switch chargers. The Apollo Traveller is highly compatible and will super convenience.  #ELECJET #Apollo Traveller #Graphene #Power Bank

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comments ( 2 )

Feb 23, 2021

Is the Traveller capable of PPS PDO 10V/4.5A output needed for Super Fast charging on the Note 10+ and Galaxy S20?

Doug Jensen
Feb 23, 2021

Will the Traveler be USB-IF certified? Will it have PPS?

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