exclusive JetSafe technology

20,000 mAh
Portable Charger

Industry-leading Charging Efficiency

Apollo Traveller

The Fastest Graphene Power Bank Ever

11 years in the business | 10 quick charge patents

JetSafe Technology: unique Quick charge algorithm, power chip E3025A, buck-boost chip PJetS03

JetSafe™ Technology

How JetSafe™ Core Technology is Composed

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USB-C 3A Cable

Difference Between USB-C 3A Cable and eMark-5A Cable

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Composition of Graphene Composite Battery

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Their power chargers both my Nintendo Switch and computer. It recharges itself ultra-fast. For $69.99, it was a steal!

Electjet is invaluable! I work remotely almost all the time on my laptop. Their power bank enables me to go anywhere without worry about recharging my computer. Plus, I can use it to charge my tablet and my wife’s laptop too.

Best money I spent last year! At $69.99, I got a high-quality charger that recharges my laptop lightning fast!

Elecjet specializes in developing top-quality USB-C charging accessories that offer customers convenience and efficiency. For the past 11 years, our research and development team have been committed to advancing our products' charging performance and battery life.

In 2015, we created a new standard for USB-C PD charging by enhancing safety, security, and efficacy. Since then, Elecjet has pioneered its exclusive core charging technology with JetSafe™, which improves charging and discharging efficiency at unprecedented speeds.

We're continually evolving and innovating to drive the best experience for our customers.

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